January 23, 2013

Cult Shirts

It's been a while since I've updated my blog, but for those of you that don't know - my wife Jacinda has recently been diagnosed and is currently battling breast cancer. Battling, as in kicking it's ass with style!

Jacinda is not on facebook, so we've taken it upon ourselves to start the Cult of Jacinda. She dreamed up an official cult shirt for all her lovely loyal followers to wear. The shirts symbolically disown her right breast giving the glory to the left. They will come in three styles all featuring the "I'm in a cult" text and COJ logo on the sleeve. We will be taking pre-orders until the 10th 14th of Feb. You can purchase them using the Paypal button below or stopping by Boots Bakery on Main. Blue Button will be printing them and we'll plan a pick up day at Boots! For anyone wishing to have a COJ shirt shipped, I can email you a special Paypal request that includes shipping to your location. Just shoot me an email.

Thank you all for your support! Jacinda is hanging in there and very much looking forward to seeing photos of all of you in your official digs.

Thank you all for your support...shirt pre-orders are now closed.

December 07, 2012

Big Bold Dreams

My friend Karli comes up a lot on my blog. She's an awe inspiring lady...a designer, an artist, a musician. Now her and her husband are in the process of raising funds to open an all ages music venue here in Spokane this Spring. The Bartlett! I'm so very excited for them. Click the link below to find out more about the Bartlett, and see how you can support, and or spread the word. Spokane is lucky to have such a talented passionate lady with big bold dreams. Go Karli! ♥

November 07, 2012

A richly colored Autumn

Pearl, our odd little mixed chicken (Silkie and Serama), laid her first egg. The whole gang had stopped producing for the winter - until this week when it warmed up. It was a sign I need to dust off my camera and show you all how beautiful Autumn is around our home. Happy Fall everyone!

October 31, 2012

The End

A poster I did for the Inlander. What's super cool about this you wonder? ...I also get to do illustrations for the winning stories in the Dec. 20th issue. Yay. Get writing Spokanites! ♥

October 26, 2012


In the last couple weeks I've started two new and exciting projects...A print shop, and a 365 day illustrated journal.

The print shop is through Society6 and features many of my new illustrations. It can be found here.

The journal is called Daily Doodle Sketch. Each night I create a montage style illustration comprised of memories from my day. I've been going strong for over two weeks now. It's been a nice experiment. Here are some of my favorite bits (details) so far:

October 25, 2012

Put your face in it!

This years Spokane Visual Arts Tour was spectacular as always. I submitted a proposal to Terrain for an interactive photo mural...I didn't have a ton of time between getting excepted and the one night event. Jacinda built my 8' plywood frames for me - I cut some face holes and went to town. It was so wonderful - people stopped me all over at various galleries to show me their photos!

Here are a few smiles!!!...♥

 ♥ Thanks for everyone who put their face in 'em!

September 11, 2012

The goods

The opening Friday went great. Here are some new favorites...


September 05, 2012

Identical (IF)

For the last month now I've been working like crazy on drawings (17 of them), to exhibit along side paintings at my art opening this Friday. I've not shown original illustrations before and am pretty thrilled about it. Working with mixed media has been a nice change - and a challenge. I decided to theme one after this weeks Illustration Friday topic: Identical. Hope you love it! ♥
Here's a little sneak peek (detail) of another. I will make sure to post more soon. Stop by aNeMonE this month and check out the show!