August 31, 2009

a tiny paper box

Here is a sneak peak..... A Million Little Pictures: Documentary Submission for Art House Co-Op:

August 04, 2009


My MOO microcards have arrived! Hooray for no longer being the blubbering artist trying to describe my work! My handy pink pocket holder and I are ready for anything!...(uh, I better find that).

I have been holding out writing my post about one of my favorite new and upcoming super young artists. (a mouthful sorry!) I am not prepared enough to do so yet. I am considering interviewing him...or at least making him tell me all the nice things he is up to. So....that is coming!

My brain is stuck and no thoughts can change it's mind. Stop Motion. I have a new love - or rather, an old untested love. I cannot even begin to tell you the magnicifent things that are swimming in my head. For the time I need so badly: you are always just out of reach!