August 17, 2011


This past weekend we went to the Garland Street Fair. I got to see some t-shirts I designed for Blue Button Apparel. They printed them on a bunch of different colored (super soft) tees and organic cotton bags...and turned out amazing!

Running into friends that had picked some up - I of course made them pose for a photo!

Head over to their shop on Garland to pick one up (totally inexpensive) and proceeds help support this fantastic local print shop!

August 04, 2011

Chicken update

The ladies are at a month and a half now....

Lady Rene is getting quite the chub face - so cute! She is a grasshopper fiend. The neighborhood children sneak over and catch them to feed to her through the fence. Mimolette is such a little fatty, and only getting fluffier. She is a digger after discovering worms in a hole I made while transplanting clover into their pen.

The coop is dubbed the "Co-op Mansion". It is fully insulated with tin roof and a wall that opens behind the nesting box. It has a porthole window for light in the winter and a cleaning door (facing front).

Parades of children now come by to see's as if we created a zoo in our neighborhood! We will be sitting in our kitchen with the windows open hearing little voices calling "Oh Lady Rene!"