July 19, 2010


New shades. New Camera. Error on my SD card (always gives me a pretty surprise).

I thought I would do a follow up post since Jacinda and I took my advice and biked ourselves up to the perry street fair. It was a beautiful day which make for an amazing adventure!We couldn't agree on the route so we left it up to Google Maps bike application. This took us a completely new way leading us straight up the South Hill on a trail we didn't even know existed! Although the directions were slightly confusing....(maybe because I was reading while bicycling), we ended up 3 blocks from Perry!The park was packed so we walked around and ran into a few friends with booths. We found P2P, adjusted my bike seat and dropped off a present (house numbers I painted) for some bike friends. We met Jacinda's Mom who ended up chauffeuring us around to yard sales...of which we filled her entire trunk and back seat. We even had to drive back up in our pickup later that evening to claim a big brass headboard I scored for our yard (the Jasmine has simply outgrown its bamboo stakes)!

It's nice when the weekend feels more like a vacation!

Lastly on the weekend agenda:
We released some lovely ladies into our yard (2nd time this year). I remembered my camera this time! Aren't they cute (and crawly little buggers)....And the next morning!!!

July 16, 2010

Bicycle ♥

I sent my spoke card design off to Pedals2People for SpokeFest! I still have the blog post bookmarked from last years contest...I always seem to be running a day late. This year I remembered a day early! The bike gods must be pleased with me.


If you are fortunate enough to live in Spokane make sure to check out the Perry Street Fair tomorrow....maybe ride your bicycle?

Here's some bike love I've been ogling by Etsy artists!


......Have a pleasant weekend!

July 01, 2010

Iron Mike

Such pretty things have been blooming....and I have been taking photos! It's been a nice week:Ok, now for show and tell:
If you have never heard of The Bright Side Project you should check them out. I do, constantly. Each day they feature a brand or product they think will add a little sunshine in your life, and then they do a giveaway. The only thing they ask from you is to share a little something about yourself...and I love answering the questions!

Today's question was:What is your favorite memory of (one or both of) your grandparents?

For me it wasn't really this question that was memorable, but that it brought up my own question I didn't know I had.

My Grandpa was a railroad guy, and before that he was in the Coast Guard (even lived in a light house). At a certain point in my childhood he started calling me Iron Mike. The first time was on vacation to Canada after running back and fourth on a suspension bridge and begging my Mother to let me do a cartwheel on it. She didn't. (I was definitely in trouble when I found out that if I jumped up and down in the middle it would send ripples in either direction) As a child I found this new name, Iron Mike, strange and random....never realizing where he got it. And today it came up in my answer over at The Bright Side Project...so I searched it!

Iron Mike is the de facto name of various monuments commemorating servicemen of the United States military. The term "Iron Mike" is uniquely American slang used to refer to men who are especially tough, brave, and inspiring.

This makes me happy. I love that I just accepted the name no questions asked. Oh, and here is my answer to the question (if you were wondering).

My favorite memory of my Grandparents:
I was staying with them for a bit one summer when I was a kid at their home in OR. My Grandpa took me fishing. We kept catching “Water-dogs” for hours…not a single fish. It was then we realized we were catching the same one over and over and over …he just kept eating worm after worm.

This is about the time my Grandpa started calling me “Iron Mike” because I was always surprising him with my awesomeness…like how professionally I removed a lizard from the hook and tossed it back in the water without flinching an eye.

Yep...that's him!
(I took this photo is March, but that's another story)

♥ ♥ ♥

Have a lovely Holiday Weekend! Maybe I will bump into a few of you local Spokanites on the Art Walk this evening!!!