December 29, 2009

smells like a holiday

Pomanders. Some how this tradition got lost in my family. I never learned about this crafty sweet smelling holiday project until I moved out of the house.

I have to say, after doing some research my version of the Pomander is herb and spice mix to roll it in, no hanging from the tree a creepy little dried out fruit martian; just a wondrous smell wafting through the house.

Happy huh?

December 23, 2009

Happy Holidays

I had planned on sharing some special fruity holiday stop motion love with you today, but whoops...guess the plans have changed. Unfortunately I have forgotten my cable enabling transferage of photos to computer.

Instead, I have picked out some nice 'Christmas tree worms' for your enjoyment.

(I put them on my imaginary Christmas wish very cute!!!)
Have a splendid week/weekend whatever you are celebrating!

December 21, 2009

The Dancing!

I tried to go ice skating last Friday...but ended up a photographer instead. Hope you enjoy!!!

December 17, 2009

Frank loved nothing more than to pass on his rash

I have been enjoying all the online flash artists I've been stumbling upon lately. I've found some quite addicting ones. Artist Rafael Rozendaal (boasting over 1 million visits to his site in just one month) is one of the strangest. You MUST (if you haven't already) visit JELLO time.
My newest find/♥ is a flash art toy called Scribbler. It is amazing! There is a slight learning don't give up too soon. I wrote the website's creator asking him to add my image to the gallery and also his Poem (note: this poem is inappropriate for children). He actually emailed me back with a compliment and said "you are probably one of the best at the scribbler i have seen...." - that sooooo made my day! So, here is Frank and his rash:
I am currently working on a scribbler alphabet.
♥ xoxo - Have a nice day.

December 13, 2009

holiday hearts

A friend on Facebook had the most adorable Christmas tree heart pictures. When I realized that this was a simple craft project for my camera I had to try it! 1st attempt...decent. It took me two tries getting the heart cut out small enough to achieve the effect. I will be making another with two improvements. 1. A much sharper exact-o knife (for crispy lines) ...and 2. cutting a slightly smaller heart (which will be the real challenge).

With all the sparkling lights around town this time of year it is a perfect holiday project. The best explanation of the "Bokeh" directions I could find were here. Happy crafting!Oh Photography, how you keep trying to reel me back in.

December 11, 2009


I stumbled upon a photographer that I couldn't help but notice. His work feels like a Spokane based version of a Wes Anderson flick. They are tiny moments that most would find insignificant captured and treasured on film. I love the talent of photographers to bring what is in their head to life and share it with us. This is what connects all artists...we see things differently.

His work is very much a mysterious narrative set in a familiar place...yet strangely different. Enjoy:

Alberto Sed...who are you?

Upon social networking investigation (S.N.I.) it turned out I know Albert...well, not personally. He is one of two hosts on one of my favorite KYRS Thin Air Community radio shows - Science Radio. They sent me an awesome CD for my pledge last year. Sometimes it seems the world is really much smaller than I thought.

Check out Albert's flickr for more amazing images.

December 10, 2009

Photo Love.

Mariko's new work blew me away this month! The show is a mix of her cloud project and a brand new unnamed (as of yet) series she has started; of which we have been promised much more to come. You can check out her and Nathan's show at the Caterina this month (I posted about them a while They also have an article in the Inlander that comes out today!!!!

....and - I wanted to share some photo love from the opening night. Eye candy for sure!Keep your eye on this one! Contact Mariko through

December 08, 2009

Gifting 10

1. yellena (I gave Jacinda one of her flower prints last Spring)
I have been doing all my holiday shopping on Etsy this year...and my gifts are starting to arrive. It feels great I love supporting handmade. The adorable packaging and personal touches make it absolutely worth it. I have to confess is extremely hard not to just buy all kinds of lovelies for myself.

(I have done well...not a single thing for me)

So, today in all of it's hecticness I wanted to share some tempting favorites from Etsy. We'll call it pretty gifting tuesday.

2. the good machinery
3. common decency4. spinthread
5. betsy walton

6. kissa design7. smock8. elle moss9. pretty little thieves10. Salty and Sweet
Happy Holidays.