June 28, 2010


Illustration Friday, satellite.Every so often, I like to go to the window, look up, and smile for a satellite picture.
- Stephen Wright

I have been wanting so badly for things to slow down enough to do little art projects for fun again. I decided to make it happen, last night, late.

I rounded up some materials: 1 sharpie, 2 colored pencils, white and back paper, sting, tape, and 1 exacto knife (with a broken tip). For me this weeks topic turned into a challenge to make something happy out of whatever I could find - without waking up Jacinda. I decided satellites reminded me of being a child, should be hanging, and I went with a mobile.
♥ ♥ ♥ Have a wonder filled day!

June 18, 2010


So, which link do I leave?

When posting a comment, sending an email, designing business cards, I constantly wonder what is too much, to little, peoples preference? In this day and age when most people have at least a handful of links, what is the best way to promote yourself without overdoing it?

A landing page! Flavors.Me is a great free site to help you create just that! Here is some inspiration!

Check out my new [one and only] link! I am actually considering purchasing a domain name and recreating my own version of my landing page. But, until then....you can't beat one link, and you can't beat free!

Get busy, bees!

p.s. Thanks Caylan (for the idea/help)!!!

June 10, 2010


The first time I met Summer was at a kegger last year. My partner was wearing a tee-shirt she proudly snatched up from Value Village. It read:

Your name must be Summer
cause you're HOT!

All parties found this quite humorous.

Summer is a Rollergirl, an amazingly talented crafter, and now the owner of the Veda Lux Boutique on Perry. Her soft opening was Tuesday, and everything looks amazing! You can find cute vintage clothing and lovelies, along with Summer's Sumarian Jewelry line and her handmade hair accessories.

You should stop in and visit - 1106. South Perry Street (next to Lorien with the giant windmill).The Veda Lux Grand Opening will be during the 11th annual Perry Street Fair July 11th at which I will have some goodies for sale. This district just keeps getting better, and she simple couldn't have picked a more perfect spot!

June 07, 2010


Spokane's 2010 Arts Awards nomination form is out! In no way am I asking you to vote for me... just simply vote for someone. There are 6 categories to choose from.

We have some very strong forces in our little underground art ring; not to mention the amount of press in the last few months! Some tiny reminders:

Visual Art Events:
  • Month
  • Terrain
  • YoSpo Arts Extravaganza
  • The Transcendence Project
  • New Originals (Spokane Boxing)
  • Youth Sustainability Council
  • Shrinking Violets Society
  • RiverSpeak Arts Collective
Leaders and Organizers:
  • Naaman Cordova-Muenzberg
  • Jillian Foster (we miss you already!)
  • Brooke Matson
  • Patrick Kendrick
  • Sasha Turner
  • the (at least) 15 other people I accidentally left off!
...and this is just my visual art list!

We are growing, sharing, educating, and contributing in an enormous way to the local art goodness. It just takes a bit of time to nudge our little subsurface gang towards the light.


June 03, 2010

Random busy bees and lovelys...

Good Lord, I may have fell of the face of the earth for a bit, but I'm back now. I bring photographs as my peace offering!
My first ever art giveaway was an amazing success! It was like a big scavenger hunt that with 51 Photos of people with my artwork (in one week!!!). The very lovely Tanya is now the proud owner of a new painting. This picture is beyond perfect and totally made my day.

Here are a couple....
Next we have: Booze Day!Not only did I get to do the artwork (poster and tee-shirt), which included a map for the paper, but I also got to "run". Except there was absolutely no running involved. We met up with some friends who surprised us with pink mustaches....team PINK MUSTACHE!

A record of 250 people attended last year with almost double, 480 runners, this year!

After that came the interview. The Inlander, more specifically Leah Stottle, wrote a wonderful story about my work (which made me blush...a lot). It came out the day before my art show opened.

There were all of these strange encounters with people who had read the piece. My favorite was a lady standing behind me Neato Burrito reading the paper while she waited. She nearly lost it when she figured out she was standing next to me, reading about me. I didn't tell her that the mural on the wall was mine too.My art show "INK: I ran into my canvas at the grocery store" opened for the May art-walk. This was my first real gallery show and it was so amazingly packed. James Owner/Curator at Second Space had created this big themed show to coincide with the tattoo convention the following weekend. I got to be the feature artist and he rounded up some of the best local tattoo artists to show their 2D works alongside.

The tattoo convention was the next weekend and I ended up designing three bee tattoos.

My dear friend Jillian was packing to move off to Portland. Her and her art partner/bunny in crime (another wonderful friend) asked me to make them (Naaman and Jillian) bees to get tattooed the day after her going away party. They ended up getting them done at the convention by an artist that was also showing with me at Second Space.

Amelia, probably my biggest fan (which is so weird to say - she's lovely) ended up with a little gang of fat happy bees done by a Portland tattoo artist - Splat Ter.She happened to walking by the gallery while I was outside photographing the painting she had bought. So I got to see the tattoo in person - which turned out so perfect! I am extremely honored.

Sometimes Spokane feels like a small town.

I need to sleep now, but I have so much more exciting and upcoming news....so stay tuned, and I will try not to slip off again. Art is thriving!

...Art-Walk tomorrow, Artfest and Elk Music Fest this weekend! xoxo