July 28, 2011

So Stoked!

Yay Karyn! ♥ This last winter she had me do a custom design for her first tattoo - I had all but forgotten about it when she posted this....(click image to view)

I think it's so interesting seeing your work created by another artist...two styles married in a mini collaboration  - tattoo by Caleb at Evolution Art Space. It turned out lovely. Congratulations lady!

July 22, 2011

A Montana Wedding

My cousin asked that I take some photos at her wedding - the first of several wedding requests I've had lately. It was fun, but deathly hot at 4pm in the desert. The wedding was at Makoshika State park in Glendive Montana. (We get to go back for the driving tour one of these evenings...so excited!)

Here are some favorites...

July 21, 2011

Small town treasures

I'm loving our time in Montana - there is something so delightful about small towns. Today we visited the Prairie County Museum in Terry. We found photos of my partners great grandfather, and before heading out drove past her fathers childhood farm.
We walked in to the museum about 4pm to find a handful of little old ladies just waiting to show us around...

July 11, 2011

Collabrative Consumption

Imagine a new way of consuming and creating as artists with fewer obstacles and limitations!

A post over on the Etsy Blog got me thinking about collaborative consumption in regards to the Spokane art scene. There are so many amazing tools for artists, but many of them come with enormous commitments, and not just monetarily...Imagine not being limited in the tools you could use to create, having resources of recycled materials, and free disposal of unwanted materials! That is just the tip of the iceberg.

Gutting and rebuilding our house (for almost two years now) we've been surrounded by power tools and supplies that I would have never been exposed to otherwise. Not only has my work changed and grown, but my mindset - some of the limitations I didn't know existed have been lifted. We had our friend Karla over last week just so she could play with power tools (it was fantastic). What would Karla make if she had unlimited access to tools when she wanted them?

Jacinda and I are dreading the day our fathers finally decide to steal everything back! We have purchased many of our own, but the big nice ones...nail guns, chop saws, belt sanders, etc - we have become so accustomed to using we are going to have to invest in for keeps. We've been spoiled.

I feel like there is endless potential, and on the other hand one bad egg could be disastrous. I am sure I have posted this prematurely...I must marinate this idea - but I would love to hear about your thoughts!...Or successes?