August 22, 2012

Rocking It!

There is a lot of stacking going on in the Kan...

I made and photographed some rock stacks for the Spokane Serial Stackers fan page last weekend. Aren't they lovely?

P.S. Love you magical anonymous table stackers. You do mighty fine work. ♥

August 20, 2012

Power and Light

Kyle Durrie is delightful.

I'd heard about her idea for Moveable Type back when the kickstarter campaign was in full swing. Her project not only got the $7,000 she was hoping for - to transform her ice cream style truck into an educational (mobile) letterpress studio - but it got funded at $17,000 with more than 350 people backing her. This is an amazing project and Spokane this past weekend was oh so lucky to be one of the many stops on her travel adventures.

Kyle - Thanks for the sticker! I hope Spokane was good to're doing great things. ♥

Go check this lady out!

August 14, 2012

Draw Off

Oh hello seriously neglected blog...I still ♥ you!

A brief update:
The past weeks have been spent finishing our yard and home improvements posthaste (photos to come). Our Ladywife, as we call her, Whitney got herself married off and we hosted her a mighty fine reception at our house. I think we're all still recovering within the residue of a very long month of preparation. It's fun time now, as she is leaving us soon for Arizona. This past weekend was filled with spontaneously lounging around a fire, night swimming, and meteor watching - staying up to all hours of the morn. It was also the Garland Street fair Saturday - and more importantly the Block Party (that evening)....which is what I am so excited about that it brought me back to post for you. The Draw Off!

Seven2 started the Draw Offs after seeing the sketching, doodling and whiteboarding going on during meetings at work. They've now had 6 of these "live 3 on 3 Art Battles". Essentially 2 teams get an 8 foot square white board and only black pens, paints, and markers. They have 2 hours to make a piece based on the selected theme. It's live and people vote for the winner.

I was so stoked when I heard Terrain was partnering with Seven2 and they asked me to make a team. I picked 2 of my most lovely and talented ladyfriends...Karli Ingersoll and Karla Dagovitz. They ended up being perfect collaborators. Our theme was "The 60's" and we faced off against the Boars Head Tattoo guys...Spoiler alert - we won! Like big time!

Here are some photos my good friend Mitchell took:
(Thanks Midgel ♥)

You can see a bunch more photos of both teams: here - on the Draw off site.