September 15, 2011

No Boundaries (Illustration Friday)

Every week I decide that this is the week I will do the Illustration Friday drawing....and then every week I do not.
This week the topic was "Boundary". I can't lie, I kinda hated it...which made me think a lot about it. It took a while to figure out what to draw - and then voilĂ !

Now I pretty much love it. What do you think?

September 06, 2011

A Sunday Mural

This is my house! We spent a full day painting Sunday...Well - painting, drinking, and consuming ridiculous amounts of delicious food! Our 10 min planning session after breakfast (fueled by mimosas) lead to this materpiece....
A few other friends stopped by to help later that evening (after work) - sadly we were to worn out to think about photographs. Also, there are still some final touch ups, and windows to be, I will have a clean pro photo to post in the next week or so!

We are super lucky to have such amazing friends - and the coolest house on the block! I wish all weekends could be this productive!!!

...Allen Duffy, Cori McWilliams you kick some serious ass! Also, Johnny, Karla, and Carolyn we were sad you had to work but soooo happy you got to hang out later!

P.S. there are rumored birds being added tonight by the lovely Miss Karla!