July 29, 2009

Good'ol Radio

Have a listen to your radio machines tomorrow at 3pm (PST). I am going to be a guest on Bernadette Veilbig's new art show for KYRS Thin Air Community Radio (called Readymade Radio). We will be talking about lovely local art happenings, and how to get started as a new artist in Spokane. You can listen online, or the old fashioned way at 92.3 FM.

Also...a bit of a jump, but you could connect the dots if you so choose.

I really love Craigslist for all of the randomness that resides there. So, if you happen to be a collector of vintage radios in the general Spokane area...and are in need of one (or more) said vintage radios, please call Gerry at (509) 995-4118.

Here is the original post. If this link is bad I apologize...Gerry must have run out of Radios to sell.

I think that people who collect things are most interesting...quite a bit more so than those who do not. Just saying. Have a splendid today!

July 23, 2009

the info motherload...

Oooh, I have been so busy and not doing my blog...so prepare your self for this one! (I have a lot to cover)

My friend Joe has taken to drawing random things he finds in the woods. You wouldn't know it by meeting him...say at an art opening...but Joe teaches survival for living. He has a talent with sketchbooks, moleskin's to be exact, also ceramics...and he has a thing for Japanese style portraits. Interesting guy all around.

From his sketchbook blog Yard Ape, I discovered The art house co-op. (he has an amazing portfolio on there)

Art House creates massive, nationwide art projects that tie hundreds of artists together – and anyone can participate. I am currently working on the 'A Million Little Pictures: Documentary', and the 'Sketchbook project'.

I got my camera the other day...I have only taken one of my 24 photos. It was of Beth from Pedals 2 People standing in bicycle tires up to her waste, holding a wheel (I guess you will just have to see it to understand). I will post the entire (24 photo) submission when I finally finish it...I am so nervous. It is hard to imagine taking 24 perfect photos with no mess ups on a disposable camera!

Tonight is the FBC's Knog ride. There will be over a hundred people meeting at the Swamp to drink some beers, win Knog goodies, and then take a bicycle ride to an undisclosed location. Knog will be taking a photo of us (real people on real bikes) for their new promotional book. What a great excuse to use up another of my photos.

I can't even wait to see the Spoke Card for tonight. Jeff has always done such a great job on them. For every FBC ride there is a new spoke card. Jon Snyder head of Out There Monthly (running for Spokane City Council) most likely will be there giving out his spoke cards (that I illustrated)...and tonight, and only tonight - I will have my very own, limited addition (of 24) spoke cards!

Here is a sneak preview!...thank you Jacinda for laminating them while I am at work! ♥
p.s. please do not use the images....24 ONLY!

July 17, 2009

Today, there are no words.

I felt like sharing, but not with words today.

This is my piece: The Ocean is a Liar.

July 16, 2009

Dara's work is changing...and so is her name.

This piece (titled: Atomization of Matter - from the 2008 Morphology series) hangs above Dara's workspace in her studio. It's one you must view in person to do it justice. I stood (mildly intoxicated) staring at it in awe, as Dara told me she has been holding back. This surprised me. You may not see it in her work...but she has. Her newer more abstract works have only begun their transformation. She is done with others sharing her name. According to the new (still testing, so this may change) Dara Allyson Mahlkeck (formerly known as Dara Allison Harvey ...maiden name of Malkuch) she is ready to let go and see what happens.

I am excited to see this more aggressive side in the future as her new style unfolds. I am very fortunate to have Dara, a completely amazingly inspirational and brilliant artist, as a friend.

Dara updates her website as new works become available. Also, she has a great show up at the Tin Man until the end of the month for all you Spokanites who want to check out her work in person. (As you should)

July 15, 2009

Today I am the Heavy Man

Scott Kolbo: Fellow Spokane Artist and Whitworth Professor

One of Scott's three consistent characters is the Heavy Man. Sometimes the weight of everything seems to bear down on you all at once. When someone asked me how I was...I said "Today, I am the Heavy Man." (in my head of course...in real life I said I was good.)

"My ultimate goal is to lead the viewer to recognize the fundamental foolishness of human nature and to make visible the discrepancies that exist between what we pretend to be and what we really are." (the last line of Scott's artist statement) I have been a fan of Scott's work ever since way back when I first met him...hanging his show at the Chase Gallery.

Check out Scott Kolbo's website to see more of his work...and to meet Jeremiah and Inga.

July 14, 2009

Ah, yes.

I needed to get this off my chest. You know you love it too! ...so here you go: http://www.dafont.com/sybil-green.font

July 09, 2009

Fellow Yellow Lover

Today I have decided that the Ugly Yellow will do a "feature" Fellow Yellow Lover. This may be the first of many...or the first and last. I have a hard time following through with commitments (so that is the way it will have to be).

Artist Ashley Goldberg of Portland, OR. (illustrations from her Etsy Shop)

I found Ashley though Etsy. She is a very successful seller there and probably most Etsians have seen her work. She creates amazingly simple yet intimate portraits. I am in love with her world of color. (I believe that an artists pallet is their world of color, and even if you cheat and consciously try to escape your world, it being stored inside your brain, sticks with you...this is not to say that it cannot evolve and or be expanded). I feel a connection to her work. My partner and I have been looking for an artist to create a portrait of us. Until today, we have not been able to agree on who it will be. Check out Ashley's custom portraits on her flicker site. They are to die for....maybe one day I will have my very own rosy cheeks peeking out from this page via the mind of this extremely talented artist...a fellow yellow lover.

Check out Ashly's shop, blog, and website...and don't forget those custom portraits!

July 08, 2009

Chick Magnet Boston Terrier Pancho Rivas

This is Pancho....Tonight should be fun!

Thank you to Genevieve of The Tragically Unhip for letting me use her photo for my flyer making pleasures! That little heart breaker...he might be the cutest dog I have ever seen. Lately I've been experimenting with photos and text instead of the purely illustration onlys. It seems I am developing a different style and liking it! But then again, I made this one the other day for the Empyrean and gosh darn it I drew the entire thing. I guess I am torn.

July 07, 2009

See the cute black fox dance in the stream.

I got a fancy new computer at work the other day and decided it was time for a serious wallpaper change! I can't even focus from the moment I decide that I hate my desktop image to the moment it has been replaced. I could just make one, but that would take time I never have that second. I had begun my search and to my pleasant surprise the clouds parted and appeared an image. Or rather, a web page...full of amazing backgrounds.

Enter Bobby and his art and design blog 'Kitsune Noir' (Black Fox, - Japanese and French) He started a "The Desktop Wallpaper Project". This is my new favorite resource for personal workday joy. New wallpapers once a week by amazing artists, and this month he has teamed up with a design collective called "Just Us" releasing a new design every day for the entire month...and they are fantastic so far!