May 31, 2011

Spokane for Japan update!

A friend asked me for a photo of the finished Spokane for Japan mural for a blog post....which reminded me that I didn't even post it here yet!  Silly me.

Darcy Drury was a joy to paint with. Neither of us had ever worked on a collaboration piece before...not to mention a live one with tons of people watching. It was 8 hours of solid painting which was very tiring but at the same time really laid back and delightful. I couldn't have been happier with the result! ...and the bar likes it too, which is probably a good thing.

Friday is coming oh so soon. I can't wait to post photos from Flutter!

May 23, 2011

A Springtime Flutter

This post is actually two fold. First, sharing with you some progress photos of Flutter...(My exciting gallery exhibit that will be opening in a couple weeks). Then ending with my "I need to take a break from this insanity and appreciate the nice weather" photos of Spring showing up around our yard!
Doing a screen printed narrative actually turned out to be a lot more work than I had anticipated. I was illustrating at the laundromat, VA hospital, my partner's parents house, in bed, at the breakfast table, and in the car....pretty much living this project for the last few months. So...

Flutter deets: first ever narrative, first completely solo gallery show, and the release of my first zine! [I get excited about firsts!]

Mixed media screen prints with sparkly inks and hand drawn tidbits tell the story. The posters, each unique, are created in additions of three. The limited addition zine (of 50) is made up of a portion of the illustrated posters..(silver ink!!!) The zine is being printed via the most fantastic Chris Dreyer of Dreyer Press. And as seen above, super huge thank you/shout out to Scott Ellis of Blue Button for his screen printing assistance! They are amazing!

A public artist reception will be held during Art Walk at the Kolva Sullivan Gallery (115 S. Adams St.) June 3rd from 5-9pm.

And now for some springtime love...
 I will have happy poppies for you shortly. (Like hundreds of poppies taking over everywhere kinda happy! ♥)

May 06, 2011

new crush!

Doing research for work I stumbled upon Impactist's Vimeo page. Not only do they create delightful music -  they also make lovely, completely inspiring, animated videos (...even sometimes on an iPod). I definitely have a new crush. They are Kelly Meador and Daniel Elwing - a directing duo with backgrounds in film production, design, animation, music, and fine art.
Not only will you find the most amazing album sampler videos - there are also animated shorts, commercial work and some really cool reel should definitely check them out!...and be inspired!...And then go have a listen.

Did I mention the blog!!! ♥ ♥ ♥

Here are some video stills to temp you...