January 15, 2010


So....I got my ass whooped by a 4 year old. Actually tons of people did (which I think is awesome)! There was such a huge turn out...so many entries! I think this was a great pick for GRAND PRIZE winner. To get an idea here are some of the thumbnails:
The coloring contest was for for Rice Boy Sleeps. The singer Jon Thor (Jónsi) Birgisson from the Icelandic band Sigur Rós and his partner Alex Somers have been making music together and exhibiting artwork/staging exhibitions under the name Riceboy Sleeps for several years now.

I found out about Jónsi & Alex just recently...they were having a coloring contest. There was a free download of some of the images from their 40pg coloring book (here is the link). It surprised me....but I now love the idea that you should decide what the image is about. Here are the 3 I colored for the competition (I had so much fun):I think that maybe it is time to do another coloring book. The first one I did got such a positive response. I had quite a number of requests for a new one around the holidays. Children are sooo my people...not that only kids color, it just saddens me the lack of original artwork out there for them to choose from. As a child I HATED all the "Disney" coloring books...and cartoon ones. I felt like I couldn't change the colors of the characters because I already knew what they were "supposed to be".

Maybe a coloring competition could go along with my new images? This could be a way for me to get rid of some of my art that I love dearly but can't stand seeing laying around with dustballs in my basement. Grand prize: choice of painting from down below. I could frame the winning entry and hang it on my wall - we'd call it a trade. Jacinda did just surprise me with a fancy Wacom Tablet which could possibly save me from hours of scanning. I guess I better start using it and get over the learning curve! Have a lovely lovely weekend everyone! Oh...and stop by and check out the new Empyrean spot if you haven't already! ♥


joseph's art and stuff said...

we haven't done a trade yet... very cool post!

Andrew said...

So is it possible to get a coloring book other than disney or cartoons?


Tiffany said...

@ Joe...for real, it is very much time! Will you be doing raw space again?

@ Andrew...It tis my friend, it tis, just harder.