July 19, 2010


New shades. New Camera. Error on my SD card (always gives me a pretty surprise).

I thought I would do a follow up post since Jacinda and I took my advice and biked ourselves up to the perry street fair. It was a beautiful day which make for an amazing adventure!We couldn't agree on the route so we left it up to Google Maps bike application. This took us a completely new way leading us straight up the South Hill on a trail we didn't even know existed! Although the directions were slightly confusing....(maybe because I was reading while bicycling), we ended up 3 blocks from Perry!The park was packed so we walked around and ran into a few friends with booths. We found P2P, adjusted my bike seat and dropped off a present (house numbers I painted) for some bike friends. We met Jacinda's Mom who ended up chauffeuring us around to yard sales...of which we filled her entire trunk and back seat. We even had to drive back up in our pickup later that evening to claim a big brass headboard I scored for our yard (the Jasmine has simply outgrown its bamboo stakes)!

It's nice when the weekend feels more like a vacation!

Lastly on the weekend agenda:
We released some lovely ladies into our yard (2nd time this year). I remembered my camera this time! Aren't they cute (and crawly little buggers)....And the next morning!!!

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