February 15, 2011

Beauty Spots and Happy Thougths

I got my new coloring book back from the printers Friday. It turned out amazing. My partner and I had printed and bound the first one I did, a while back. It was nice...but this time I really worked on correcting all the things standard cheapo coloring books always get wrong. I even asked for tips on Facebook about what people would like to see in the perfect coloring book.

Here is what I came up with....
  • The pages have a mix of larger and smaller sections in each image so a bunch of different colors can be used.
  • The last page is speech bubbles for cutting out - so you can make the animals say wherever you would like...hence the "happy thoughts".
  • The books are professionally printed by a local Mom and Pop print shop (with a little bartering for art to help cover the cost).
  • We picked a slightly thicker paper and printed one sided images that are perforated.
  • When you tear out the illustrations they are 8x10's to fit a standard picture frame without cropping...I love parents that frame their kid's artwork and hang them with the rest of their collection.
So far I am talking to two places in Spokane that are interested in carrying them...The Timann Too (Children's Book Store) and aNeMonE  (Handmade Paper Flowers). I will keep you posted on where to find them...and I do have plans for an Etsy shop sometime in the near future (It's probably about time!)

If anyone has any interest in carrying the coloring books in their store please feel free to email me.


gabriel. said...

great work!

Sara said...

Love it!

prettylittlethieves said...

i have been a part of a coloring book but have never done my own. i'd like to one of these days. i love yours!! it's awesome! i especially love the speech bubbles:)
yes, open an etsy shop. i have a friend who has a cute store. i'm going to tell her about this.

Tiffany said...

Thanks guys!

@Nancy - You should definitely do a coloring book. There are way to many commercial ones and not nearly enough by artists. ♥

Vanilla said...

This is wonderful! The amount of time and effort put into this must have been massive, and it looks like it really payed off because it looks SO amazing and detailed!

Tiffany said...

Thanks Vanilla! It was a lot of work, but worth it.

...I looked at your blog and have to say, I am LOVING that 'Kites' piece. So tribal feeling! ♥