August 04, 2011

Chicken update

The ladies are at a month and a half now....

Lady Rene is getting quite the chub face - so cute! She is a grasshopper fiend. The neighborhood children sneak over and catch them to feed to her through the fence. Mimolette is such a little fatty, and only getting fluffier. She is a digger after discovering worms in a hole I made while transplanting clover into their pen.

The coop is dubbed the "Co-op Mansion". It is fully insulated with tin roof and a wall that opens behind the nesting box. It has a porthole window for light in the winter and a cleaning door (facing front).

Parades of children now come by to see's as if we created a zoo in our neighborhood! We will be sitting in our kitchen with the windows open hearing little voices calling "Oh Lady Rene!"

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Magnolias on fire said...

I absolutely love all the posts about your chickens. My mom had chickens in Michigan,so it makes me think of them. They have their own little personalities, that's for sure!