March 30, 2012

Art House Submissions

As a lot of you probably already know - The Art House Co-Op has been doing some really fun free global art projects recently. If you didn't know - you should go check them out. Just this past week I've done two of them...

The Adventure Project: Can you capture an adventure in 30 seconds?

Last Saturday we had a small breakfast party - which was definitely an adventure (our stove even blew up)...but I also shot a little stop motion that afternoon, featuring not only my delightful friends - but also my docile little chicken, Butternut. Art House will be making a channel on YouTube with everyone's adventures.

For the second project:

The 4x6 exchange: A worldwide community art swap

I made a little drawing with pen, sparkly ink, and watercolor pencils. I'm dropping it in the mail today and can't wait to see what I get back!!! 
Have a lovely weekend!!! ♥

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Hazel Terry said...

I love Butternut too :D