May 09, 2012

Home Grown

My wife Jacinda is a magical doer. I don't post about her often because she is shy, and likes her privacy. However, she is most boast worthy.

I found a photo I uploaded to facebook in 2010. Our entire yard was grass and two rotting 100 year old trees. Now just two years later it's been transformed by one very diligent lady. It's completely landscaped and includes clover, gardens, flower beds, fruit trees, rock walls, chicken pens, broken cement walkways, and a very cozy fire pit/social area out back. We're even hosting a wedding for some dear friends at our place in a couple months!

Our Garden:
We are up to 11 raised beds now. The triangle one is my favorite! Jacinda figured out an extremely inexpensive method using cedar fence boards, and has been teaching our friends to build them too. (I plan to work with her and illustrate a 'how-to' for sharing at some point.)

I asked Jacinda to write a list of the things we are growing (so far) this year in our yard. We live in the city - but it's a mini urban homestead for sure...complete with pet chickens and all.

The Perennials...
Fuji apple tree, gala apple tree, fruit cocktail tree (graft of plum, plumcot, nectarine), vanessa grapes, frontenac gris grapes, raspberries, rhubarb, horseradish, marionberries, asparagus, willamette hops, mount hood hops, aronia berry, goji berry, strawberry, jerusalem artichoke, lavender, and mint.

The Regular Garden (and she's not finished)...
German butterball potatoes, sweet potatoes, french filet beans, broccoli, cabbage, brussels sprout, artichoke, kale, peas, red onion, yellow onion, walla walla onion, hard neck garlic, lettuce, spinach, sunflowers, early girl tomato, roma tomato, zucchini, acorn squash, yellow squash, tobacco, carrots, beets, sweet corn, and a cornucopia of herbs for cooking and drying.

I can't even tell you how delightful this year will be - sneaking out to harvest fresh ingredients for homegrown meals.

She amazes me.
...And now has properly been boasted about!

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