November 06, 2009

a friend...

I was debating what to post about today checking out Spokane artists on Flickr. Side note: I think I have to break down and finally start a Flikr page. (sorry) Anyways, I found a photo of my new friend Asha...and then another and another. I had been meaning to call her today about something else all together...and then I knew what to write about. Funny how things work! ♥

Asha is a pretty pretty tattooed Lady and a perfect model. All these photos are by local photographer John Austin.

I have been slowly edging back into photography lately (hence all the Flikr activity) and couldn't imagine a better subject! Spokane it seems has an abundance of up and coming photographers. If you would like to contact Asha about modeling via email:

Also, it would be a shame not to mention that she has an extremely talented artist for a boyfriend, and I am sure sooner than later you will see his work gracing the pages of the Ugly Yellow!

Have a lovely weekend!

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