November 03, 2009


The other day I ran into two old friends I haven't seen in years (different times, same day). It was strange to tell these long lost drifters of my new found roots planted so very deeply in this place. I've been in an interesting mood ever since. For some reason I can't stop thinking about when I first arrived in this fine city...and the things I fell in love with.The Downtowner Motel - once upon a while ago.

I was searching for the mysterious Tiffany's Roller Skating Rink which I was once informed of by a neighbor (who smoked on my porch every single day). Instead I found this great archive of vintage photos on SportSuburban's photostream. There is a wealth of imagery from Spokane's past on Flicker. Unfortunately none of my rink. I knew this one immediately when I saw it:
I work in a Motel converted office building in the heart of the downtown...Spokane's Davenport district. It was one of Spokane's finest in its day (or so I've heard). Sitting in my 4th floor windowed office I overlook the raised pool planter box. I can't help but wonder what it must have been like.

Will we look back in 40 years and appreciate what surrounded us day to day? Will we be reminded of the good ole days by decaying pieces of our youth tucked deeply into the city around us? Will we sit smoking on the porch reminiscing with the youngsters that flock to us for our wisdom? Will we leave our mark?

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