April 08, 2010

Supporting my Supporters = Spokane Art Giveaway!!! YAY ♥

There are a few people/places in Spokane that I really feel loyal to. They let me make things for them and give my works a safe place to reside for all to see. At one time or another each one of these unquestioning souls put everything in my hands and let me do whatever I wanted. That kind of trust really builds confidence. This is a thank you (so go visit them).

The piece I am giving away is titled "Ellipsis". It is made with acrylic paint and pigment pen on canvas board in a (painted) vintage frame. It was in the 2009 Terrain.

To enter the contest you must take a photo (of your beautiful face) with one of my mural/door paintings and post it to my Tiffany Patterson's Art ♥ ♥ ♥ facebook page. You have one week. (Ends Friday 4/16/2010 midnight) The photos can be from one or all of the following locations:

Neato Burrito (/Baby Bar)
827 W. 1st

Empyrean Coffee House
171 S. Washington St.

1802 E. Sprague

Peaceful Valley Community Park
(pillar under the bridge)

-If you have a photo like this taken previously, yes, it still counts as long as you are in it and post it to my page
-Each photo only counts for one person's entry
-One entry per location (max of 4 entries)
-Please, no photo-shopping yourselves into the pictures if you wish them to count :)
-The winner will be drawn randomly and then we will set up a time/place to do the hand off
-Sorry, I will not be shipping the painting so you must be able to pick it up in Spokane

Good luck, can't wait to see your photos!
♥ Tiffany

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