March 31, 2010

April Showers

I've got 3 giant paintings on plywood and a stop motion film to finish...which all need to be installed by 5:00pm this Friday (for the April Art Walk)! Eeeeek.This month for the Transcendence project (read all about the amazing amazingness here) I am partnering with Goodwill Industries Mentoring Children of Promise, and Big Brothers Big Sisters of Spokane. Together we are creating (an art project titled) 'A Brighter Future'. We have had two fun Saturdays of painting and now it's getting down to the line.

The photos were taken the last two Saturdays at the Porch. The Mentors and Mentees or Bigs and Littles (as they say) all worked together to create the backgrounds for the paintings. I am now painting on top. The layering of paint represents positive interactions and shows that each layer is important and essential to the final matter how small. That is where the stop motion film comes in. This project is really about process. It looks at not only how mentors can have a positive effect on children, but that the relationship goes both ways. I really learned a lot from them.

Our giant display will be one of 4 Transcendence projects on the same block...1st Ave between Madison and Monroe. Come see it in the Rock City Music Bldg (where Terrain was 09) and take a peek at what beautiful collaboration looks like.

Happy Art Walking! ♥

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