June 10, 2010


The first time I met Summer was at a kegger last year. My partner was wearing a tee-shirt she proudly snatched up from Value Village. It read:

Your name must be Summer
cause you're HOT!

All parties found this quite humorous.

Summer is a Rollergirl, an amazingly talented crafter, and now the owner of the Veda Lux Boutique on Perry. Her soft opening was Tuesday, and everything looks amazing! You can find cute vintage clothing and lovelies, along with Summer's Sumarian Jewelry line and her handmade hair accessories.

You should stop in and visit - 1106. South Perry Street (next to Lorien with the giant windmill).The Veda Lux Grand Opening will be during the 11th annual Perry Street Fair July 11th at which I will have some goodies for sale. This district just keeps getting better, and she simple couldn't have picked a more perfect spot!


~ selina ~ said...

This is so awesome! It's exactly what the Perry district needed.

The Spovangelist said...

Is the grand opening on the 11th or the 17th? I've heard both....


Tiffany said...

17th as far as I know...during the Perry Street Fair. ♥