June 07, 2010


Spokane's 2010 Arts Awards nomination form is out! In no way am I asking you to vote for me... just simply vote for someone. There are 6 categories to choose from.

We have some very strong forces in our little underground art ring; not to mention the amount of press in the last few months! Some tiny reminders:

Visual Art Events:
  • Month
  • Terrain
  • YoSpo Arts Extravaganza
  • The Transcendence Project
  • New Originals (Spokane Boxing)
  • Youth Sustainability Council
  • Shrinking Violets Society
  • RiverSpeak Arts Collective
Leaders and Organizers:
  • Naaman Cordova-Muenzberg
  • Jillian Foster (we miss you already!)
  • Brooke Matson
  • Patrick Kendrick
  • Sasha Turner
  • the (at least) 15 other people I accidentally left off!
...and this is just my visual art list!

We are growing, sharing, educating, and contributing in an enormous way to the local art goodness. It just takes a bit of time to nudge our little subsurface gang towards the light.


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