September 21, 2010

coffee and a paper

My life has been really crazy lately...I think this has been so for a lot of people. Although, the crazy hasn't been able to stop all the little wonderful things from slipping out through the cracks!
First - The Inlander came out on Thursday with 6 of my full page illustrations in it. I had so much fun drawing magical forest creatures (as they have coined them).
Next - I am super excited for the new coffee and pastries that will be served at Neato in their new morning coffee shop "Morning After". Not only do I plan on riding my bike to work this winter, I also plan on warming up as a "regular" (sorry about all the quotes here) drinking tasty espresso with handmade sauces. I am going to be tempted by pastries and it may end up neutralizing my morning exercise if I am not careful!

 ...I even got to paint some steamy little coffee cups for them! ♥


joseph's art and stuff said...

Sweet! Loved the Inlander full page illustrations and now i have a new place to get coffee too (also my fav place to enjoy a cold one!).

platform said...

I love the font on the signage!

Tiffany said...

Thanks Joe! I can't wait to see you out art walking on the 1st!


PK - Agreed, they chose a really nice one...totally fits!

Emily said...

Great illustrations! Congrats!