September 05, 2010


I am more of a dessert lover than I should be. It was very hard for me to narrow down which type I was going to draw for the Illustration Friday theme this week. Turns out it was simple....the "Rainbow Cake" always ends up standing out - it's aloofness - it's elegance! I WILL make this cake, one (most perfect) day. But for now..... 
(click image to view larger)

Also, here is a cute little repeating fork pattern that you can play with (for personal use)...just click it to enlarge.

Happy drawing everybody. I can't wait to ooogle some dessert illustrations this week!


dosankodebbie said...

An aloof cake... what an interesting description. It's a beautiful illustration!

Fiona - Pyrochan said...


I really love how the forks background patter pushes the cake forward, and how leaving the cake white allows the rainbow to really take centre stage! Awesome illustration.

tera said...

Yay! I don't bake but a rainbow cake might be fun to try! I really like your background pattern too, super cute.
(And I see you're from Spokane - so you get yay x2!)


Anne Curthoys said...

This is great, I want to bake one now that would be amazing!

Mary Hall said...

Great image - love the colours.
(And I too really want to try baking one of these now - especially after following the google link!)