October 06, 2010

artfully wonderous weekend

A weekend of art walking, art viewing, discussing art, teaching art, and costume making....how delightful!

I took a couple photos to share with you from the different events...but somehow I skipped a bunch of galleries we visited. I should have taken more! (not that this post needs to be any longer!)

The Archie Bray show at the Kolva Sullivan Gallery blew my mind once again! Every October they journey over from Helena, MT to share their ceramic mastery with Spokane. I pretty much wait all year for them. This time I got to chat up a few of the artists outside the gallery and then later at the Kolva after party...not to mention talking them into checking out Terrain down the street. (wonder what they thought of it?)
I ran into the lovely Chris Dreyer...blinded him and got the greatest cutie pie photo ever! Chris almost lost it over some wheat paste art outside the Kolva. It is rarer than you would expect here in Spokane. Wheat paste kinda has become a mantra for him...this eventually spawned a super amazing non wheat pasty idea of mine on Saturday. Something about a one night parking lot show...but shh - said too much already! (just wait a couple months...these things do take time)
I was impressed with the street art that popped up over the weekend. I saw quite a few instances including this nicely executed stop sign tree. You better stop at this one!!! Could Spokane finally be getting there?
I was delighted at the Riverspeak show to find John and Naaman's piece in the back. Here are the "Boys who like butterflies" themselves having at it. ♥

I also included a photo of a piece I happened to stumble upon by my new artist friend Darcy Drury.
Over on 2nd Ave. there is a building that serves as band practice space and artist working studios. They also have had some really great shows there - this month was one in particular. I missed my friend Cori as she ran home to change...but I am slightly infatuated with the work she had. The dress and the drain one in the center would look marvelous on my new walls!!!
I also met a new artist there that I am really excited about...Keshia Wright. There are a couple images of her lovely works below - including some wood chopping.
Then...Terrain. This was really hard for me to photograph. The images simply can't portray how epic this event really was. It was very loud, very hot and very packed for much of the night - which is awesome....I just did more enjoying that photo taking. But, here are a few from earlier:
The next morning I woke up really early and taught watercolor pencils at the MAC to families that attended I <3 Art. The museum was packed full of kids running around (having a blast) doing art projects with their parents. They even had me do the white board for the event....it turned out really cute!
After this I grabbed my artwork from Terrain. I hauled it home and managed a one hour power nap before heading off to the Saranc Arts 'State of Spokane's Visual Arts' Artist Symposium. This was hosted by the talented Scott Kolbo. It was a positive non bitching hour long chat with an amazing panel of speakers. We covered everything from Critical Dialogue, the roll of the MAC and the media, the lack of a center or rather artist hub, the equality of Lowbrow and Highbrow art, and the roll of artists in Spokane. I think a lot of seeds were planted in both the young and upcoming artists as well as the more seasoned professionals. There was a wonderful mix of new faces along with the usual heavy hitters in the Spokane Art Scene.

The hour long talk was recorded if you missed it and would like to catch up:
This was followed by a lovely impromptu crashing of a pre-planned dinner party (15 of us) at Niki, and Chris Deyer's apartment. Then Sunday can be summed up with baking peanut butter cookies, spicy sweet popcorn with wine, followed by candy corn, amazing pizza and great company. We are getting ready for Halloween and I am so soooo very excited!...But more on the amazing costumes once I get a little further along.

Thank you for sticking out to the end of this insanely long post....I wish you a beautiful week with an equally magical weekend as it is approaching fast.


platform said...

You are such an amazing person. :)

LorimotherfuckinL said...

dang, your blog is so professional! I can't wait to get an hour to myself, or at least like 20 minutes stretched out all day long:) to listen to that saranac talk!!! awesome. THANKS!!! Katiekgb

tera said...

Just when I was starting to bitch that we don't have any "good" art galleries! This one looks interesting and I never even heard of it.
We took my hubs folks to the one at City Hall, but it seems like every time we go there it's just... weird.
I will have to check this one out! :)
Awesome! Thanks!

tera said...

...clearly I need to get out more.

Tiffany said...


The Kolva is by far my favorite gallery in Spokane. Also, have you ever tried the Saranc (on Main)? It rarely disappoints...There is an amazing show up this month that I neglected to photograph during our Symposium there.


prettylittlethieves said...

wow! what an awesome and inspiring weekend!

joseph's art and stuff said...

glad you posted photos! i missed it, damn, travelling(for work)sucks...