October 25, 2010


We are almost done harvesting things from our yard for the year. Jacinda is home cooking/canning tomato sauce and freezing peppers as I write this. We have chopped everything down and our yard seems so barren (I guess the weather isn't helping). Our overflowing compost bin has almost sunken to a manageable size, and I am drying more tobacco seeds than a girl could want! In the Spring we will be sunflower seed roasting, and hosting bird house making parties (with the gourds)...until then, where to put everything?

I have been extremely busy working on commission art pieces and running all over town getting the final pieces for our homemade costumes. I can't wait, tonight I will be dying, sewing, and stuffing all in the name of Hellaween (as our party has been dubbed). On Wednesday we are having a cake making party to get ready for Friday!!! I promise photos...and maybe even a few shots of our costume progress!

Have a most lovely evening! ♥

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