June 10, 2011

all that sparkles

 Something about glitter and flowers made sense today.

Flutter sparkles:
My Kolva Gallery opening went swimmingly last week. I had such a lovely time! There will be photos coming shortly - but until then, you shall be tempted by glitter photos from the most enchanting of cement floors.

The flowers:
Our yard is irresistible right now. So many things are blooming and the poppies have arrived in full force. We actually planted tons of different types. I am hoping for waves of color through out the next few months. OH - and peonies soon soon!!!

In other news:
I am starting my chicken coop fence this weekend. I found a most delightful vintage door free off Craigslist which will be used instead of a gate. My dad is driving over to help. I can't wait to be able to post baby chick photos! Eeeek, such goodness to come.

I wish you a sunny lovely weekend! ♥

1 comment:

Sara said...

I'm STILL occasionally finding glitter from your stay at month in my things. Your glitter is everpresent; it's lovely.