June 07, 2011


I finally get to share with you our film we made for the 50 hour slam a while back. I had to sit on it for two months which was ridiculously hard!

I feel like we all bonded so much in such a short weekend. Chris Dreyer and I ended up with a tiny crew of extremely talented friends. Tiffany and Justin, two of the main actors ended up recording all the music for the film with the help of a friend at my work. They had never really played together before, and we had no idea what our film would be about at the time.

Not only did we get a fantastic topic....a lovely little tune as the inspiration for the film - but it happened to be a song by friend and fellow blogger Karli of Rough Gems. The other two mandatory items were the line of dialog, and including a statue on the Spokane Statue walk.

We shot the thing on my digital camera (d-5000), and the dream sequences on my little Japanese toy camera, the Digital Harinezumi 2.

You can check out the other films from the fest, some of which are wonderful and others a little hard to get through.

Also, we wouldn't mind at all if you wanted to vote for 'Golden' - http://www.50hourslam.com/2011/vote


Sara said...

I love the dog!

Tiffany said...

Mr. Rufus was fantastic!