October 08, 2009

It's the real love, I see so in your eyes.

I have pledged my eternal love and dedication to the Ugly Yellows (at least until we repaint).

My partner puts up with a lot. This is our future craft room (first coat of paint). Imagine beautiful dark bamboo floors, clean white molding and thin white cotton curtains with the sun shinning in. I have been cheating on my blog with our new house. It was purchased and then gutted, so I have been a little busy.

We have slowed down and are only visiting the hardware store about 3-4 times a week now. I have developed a slight crush on paint samples. I can't leave without a handful (I have a favorite paint guy too...Tom). Their names make me smile and I dream of having the job of naming paints, finding inspiration in anything and everything. Our living room is Playful Pool, with Sea Tickle for the ceiling (white crown molding to come). The gray in our bathroom is City Storm, and that oh so lovely orangey mustard of the craft room is Golden Avocado. Since I mixed the color for the top wall and ceiling myself (there was no perfect hue) I get to name it....so I am calling it Green Mamba Stellified.

A co-worker introduced me to the music of Ian Brown; of which I am now hopelessly obsessed with his song Stellify (it might also be my new favorite descriptive word). The tune has been looping in my head over and over ever since. Jacinda even caught me full out dancing to it and yelled at me like I was 5 years old..."Tiffany! Stop dancing and go get the extension cord!" I feel like I am 5 a lot. Doo doo doo "I stellify. I'm miles high...Shinning like a diamond in the darkness of the sky. "


FBC Spokane said...

Just 'white'? Not some crazy name for white? They just call it 'white'? There is no way you are going to take a room with paints like 'playful pool'and 'sea tickle' and paint something a drab, ordinary 'white'. That's just wrong.

helenolufowobi said...

Thanks so much for this.
I heard the song 'Stellify' on a TV show and when I Google searched the lyrics, this was the only page that gave me the answer.