October 29, 2009

such pretty pretty art I see

I'm deep in commission work, painting portraits, t-shirt illustrations, cd and poster designs....not to mention a half made 'alloween costume! Do you get seasonal depression? Jacinda says we are like this every year, though I am not sure. I feel as if my emotions got stored in a pumpkin and rolled down S. Lincoln. It's random though; I am happy a lot too in an insane kind of way.

Enough about me, what about you? ...or maybe NATHAN ELLEFSON?

Terrain 2009. (If you live in Spokane and do not know of such Terrains it's time you jump on the art bus, if you do not reside in Spokane consider this is a free pass for now) This year at Terrain there were (approximately - exacts are difficult) 3,100 attendees, and tons and tons of great local talent. I found my pieces mingling between two of my favorite emerging local artists; one new found and the other a good friend...Nathan Ellefson and Mariko Sullivan.

Oh Nathan...
Our unofficial audience favorite of Terrain 2009: Nate Ellefson. Originally from Richland WA he found his way to the 'Can' via Whitworth Collage where he is studying Printmaking and will be graduating in May this coming year. Crossing my fingers I ventured to ask the golden question...shall you be staying? I got a maybe, as he is still considering Grad School...saying "If I don't get into somewhere I'm excited about I can definitely see myself sticking around." The Printmakers that have been coming out of Whitworth are something to keep your eye on. Nate is only one of several who have my attention.

Email contact info for Nathan is: nellefson10@my.whitworth.edu ...in case you may want to contact him? You can check out his work this coming December 4th at the Caterina Winery along side my old pal Mariko Sullivan's. A perfectly splendid duet put together by Sasha Turner the gallery manager of Caterina.

Oh Mariko....These are two of my favorite images from Mariko's show currently hanging at the Empyrean Coffee House (only for a day or so more though). She found her way to Spokane after attending Evergreen in Olympia studying Art and Writing. I got to know Mariko in a very interesting way this past Spring. Almost complete strangers starting out, we created art together in the kitchen of my very small apt for a show at the very same Empyrean earlier this year. In a way she helped me get comfortable working in front of others. It was a productive yet trying month and I came to LOVE and adore her work from an insiders point of view. I simply cannot wait to see her show at Caterina with Nate. Their characters will hold an intriguing dialog and play well off each other.

You can check out more of Mariko's work in her Carbonmade portfolio at www.MarikoSullivan.carbonmade.com.
If you are an artist and in need of a portfolio check out Carbonmade. It is an extremely simple, uncluttered, easy to use, and free (unless you want the Whoo!) way to show off your work. Dang, that was a lot of love in one sentence. In fact it was Mariko who introduced us...check out mine: www.TiffanyPatterson.carbonmade.com.

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