December 11, 2009


I stumbled upon a photographer that I couldn't help but notice. His work feels like a Spokane based version of a Wes Anderson flick. They are tiny moments that most would find insignificant captured and treasured on film. I love the talent of photographers to bring what is in their head to life and share it with us. This is what connects all artists...we see things differently.

His work is very much a mysterious narrative set in a familiar place...yet strangely different. Enjoy:

Alberto Sed...who are you?

Upon social networking investigation (S.N.I.) it turned out I know Albert...well, not personally. He is one of two hosts on one of my favorite KYRS Thin Air Community radio shows - Science Radio. They sent me an awesome CD for my pledge last year. Sometimes it seems the world is really much smaller than I thought.

Check out Albert's flickr for more amazing images.

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Sara said...

You can also read about him in the very first issue of SPOKE(a)N(e).

Please excuse the weird formatting issues we had our first time out!