December 17, 2009

Frank loved nothing more than to pass on his rash

I have been enjoying all the online flash artists I've been stumbling upon lately. I've found some quite addicting ones. Artist Rafael Rozendaal (boasting over 1 million visits to his site in just one month) is one of the strangest. You MUST (if you haven't already) visit JELLO time.
My newest find/♥ is a flash art toy called Scribbler. It is amazing! There is a slight learning don't give up too soon. I wrote the website's creator asking him to add my image to the gallery and also his Poem (note: this poem is inappropriate for children). He actually emailed me back with a compliment and said "you are probably one of the best at the scribbler i have seen...." - that sooooo made my day! So, here is Frank and his rash:
I am currently working on a scribbler alphabet.
♥ xoxo - Have a nice day.