December 08, 2009

Gifting 10

1. yellena (I gave Jacinda one of her flower prints last Spring)
I have been doing all my holiday shopping on Etsy this year...and my gifts are starting to arrive. It feels great I love supporting handmade. The adorable packaging and personal touches make it absolutely worth it. I have to confess is extremely hard not to just buy all kinds of lovelies for myself.

(I have done well...not a single thing for me)

So, today in all of it's hecticness I wanted to share some tempting favorites from Etsy. We'll call it pretty gifting tuesday.

2. the good machinery
3. common decency4. spinthread
5. betsy walton

6. kissa design7. smock8. elle moss9. pretty little thieves10. Salty and Sweet
Happy Holidays.

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