November 02, 2010

Adventures in a Pumpkin Suit!

Oh goodness....I had a weekend of party photo taking madness!!! Such lovely times. ♥

The first set of photos was from our Hellaween Party on Friday at Areli and Justin's. The second set was from a party for Chris Dreyer's work...Boom Creative, which had a most magical movie wall - you will see...

Oh, and here is Jacinda and my Helloween Prom photo!!! (her mom took it before we headed out) She's a cheesy broccoli, and I - a genetically engineered seedless pumpkin. Homemade costumes are the best!
Click the photos to view them larger.
We didn't get home until 5am that morning. Saturday (afternoon) was spent ordering pizza, watching movies, taking baths and then wrapping Emily in plastic wrap outside the grocery store (for her Dexter Victim costume), before we headed to Boom....
We also sparkle attacked pretty much everyone we came in contact with!What is Halloween with out a little glitter? ♥

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