March 07, 2011

100th post giveaway!

Having 100 posts on a blog may not seem like a huge accomplishment, except sometimes I have a hard time sticking with the things I start. So, to celebrate this small feat it seemed like a perfect excuse to have another super fun giveaway! A little thank you to those who support my work and read my blog! 

Your entry into the contest will be a photo posted on my Facebook Art Page [here]...this is an anything goes derivative work photo contest (it sounds scary - but it is far from). At the bottom of this post you will find some links of things to play with. You have full artistic freedom - the only rule is that there must be something of mine used in some way. Your art using my art...You could post a photo of a fantastically bright coloring book page hanging on your fridge, photoshop a speech bubble on (well) anything, or you could post a photo of your dog surrounded by a swarm of bumble bees - it's up to you. The possibilities really are endless.

Post the photo before Friday March 18th 8:00pm (PST) for your chance to win one of the 3 prizes. One photo per person (so make it count)! This contest is open to anyone anywhere - so tell your friends!

Here's what you could win:
3 prizes and 3 different ways to win.
1. The winner of the custom Pet/Animal painting will be chosen by a random # generator.
2. The Coloring Book -
goes to my personal favorite of the giveaway images. I will dub it "The MOST [blank]." This blank could stand for 'surprising', 'horrifying', 'happy'...we will have to wait and see!
3. The watercolor illustration - goes to whichever photo has the most "likes" (thumbs up) when the giveaway closes.

[Here] is a download link for some items to play with.

Also, I know a bunch of you have D.I.Y. tattoo ladies and things I may have given feel free to use other things of mine as well (as long as it isn't too much of a stretch).

Yay! Good luck - have fun! ♥

- I am reserving the right to disqualify/delete any overly offensive or evil spirited images.


gabriel. said...

thats cute tif

prettylittlethieves said...

these prizes are awesome!

Karli said...

so cool! I'm doing a 100th post giveaway too. you've inspired me to think more creatively about it though. i think 100 posts is a great accomplishment to celebrate! you are awesome.

Tiffany said...

Karli, thank you - and, how exciting!

...My vote is for something with type (I always look forward to Tuesdays).♥