January 24, 2011

Go Marmots!

Here is the poster I finished this weekend. It is for the Spokane Woman's Rugby I heart Art event. Marmots are adorable don't you think? ♥

p.s. come visit me...I will have a table of goodies for sale!
(and see the bottom of the poster if you wish to be a vendor too)


Sara said...

I heart all marmot art.

(and I rhyme. the end.)

Delphie said...

Nice poster ! I just fell in love with your marmot. :)

Tiffany said...

Delphie - I love your illustrations!

Thank you guys! The Marmot loves you both. ♥

tera said...

Yea Marmots! I love watching the little guys.
We have trouble with them crawling under our cars, though (out by SCC), which is not good.

Oh, and I left you a Stylish Award over on my blog. :)

Missy said...

What an awesome poster!