January 24, 2011

Tiny little prints!

Emailing people about submissions on the internet is sort of the same as emailing people on Craig's List...you don't really expect to hear back from them. You can't just not do it, because there is always a tiny glimmer of hope somewhere deep within that actually thinks (this time) they may respond.

A while back I stumbled upon The Littlest Print Exchange. It was exactly what I had always hoped to discover: trading art for art with other artists I have never met from all around the globe. How fantastic!

 Here's their description: "The Littlest Print Exchange is an annual juried trade of tiny art prints. Fifty artists are each invited to submit an edition of 50 prints and in turn receive a complete portfolio of 50 prints from all 50 contributing artists." Of course discovering this amazing site was immediately followed by me writing them and begging to be part of the 2011 project. Then I had to explain to my heart that it wasn't our fault if they didn't write us back...I had actually forgot all about it until I got that little gold nugget in my inbox. Guess who has fifty prints to make?

Check out the previous portfolios, find out this years theme, and (of course) how to submit...over here! Now I am snooping around checking out the other artists already picked for 2011.

And a little video:

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