January 19, 2011

super amazing project list update

I guess it's about time to update my blog! I have been working on fantastical projects and had no time for anything else!

My 2011 is lining up to be pretty epic:
  • TinMan Gallery:
    I had submitted work to the TinMan Gallerie's 20 Under 40 juried art exhibit. It turns out there were only 8 artists selected for the show, and I am beyond thrilled to be one of them. I am really excited about my new pieces too...the opening is right around the corner - Friday February 4th during the Visual Arts Tour.
  •  Chase Gallery:
    I am currently working on an installation piece for a group show at the Chase Gallery - it will be up March and April as part of Get Lit festivities. Getting to be part of a show with some of Spokane's "Seasoned Professionals" almost makes me feel like a grown up or something? (more on this soon)
  • Kolva Sullivan Gallery:
    Thirdly, I am proud to be having my first solo gallery show at the Kolva Sullivan in June. And for a little twist - no paintings. It will be a narrative print show...each piece a page from the story. Super limited addition screen printed posters with splatters and hand inked sections. I will also be making a zine of the works.
So that was the big stuff. Right now I am doing poster for the Spokane Woman's Rugby Art and Craft Fair - which I will be having a table at, selling my stuff. It is conveniently 2 days before Valentines...perfect for buying up cards and gifts for your lovers. I will share the poster as soon as it is finished.

Lastly (so much text - eeee) I am really happy that I have been able to have a blog for so long without forgetting about it or getting tired of it...AND I am getting really close to my 100th post (this is #93). It's kinda a big deal for me - so that will mean something super special, like an art giveaway or something...anyways, stay tuned!


    stella latwinski said...

    Busy, busy! Sounds like a blast!

    Tiffany said...

    Yep - I'm excited!

    It seems you've been a busy little bee too! 2011 is off to a great start.

    Amanda said...

    What a good start to your new year! And I am so down for a giveaway. This new house has way too many bare walls :)

    prettylittlethieves said...

    awesome way to start the year! yay!