February 18, 2010

Grey then Bees

First: Grey

It is like torture having beautiful fog every morning on my way to work. I am never on time and stopping to take photographs is usually out of the question! But, today is a lovely day. Jacinda and I got up at the crack of dawn, had a wonderful breakfast...together (not in the car), and even stopped for some pictures on our way into town. Do you see the sleepiness in her eyes! (She wasn't ready for that one)

ok...now BEES!

This morning I got a new email from the Art House Co-op about a new project, The Pattern Project. I am not sure if I will do it but there was a link to a great little tutorial on how to make patterns in Photoshop. I have read them before but they never seemed this simple.

So here I share with you my first Tiffany Pattern...Feel free to use my little repeating bees on what you want...(for personal use only)! Have a BEE-utiful day!

Ok, that last line might have been unnecessary. ♥

1 comment:

joseph's art and stuff said...

cool photos, you were just down the hill from my house. i've been meaning to draw one or more of the bridges from different angles.