March 03, 2010


(Good ol Mariko)

My little art blog is turning into a little photo blog - c'est la vie.

I have wonderful wonderful projects afloat, so many in fact that I have eluded my blog. Great and exciting things to come though: Empyrean design goodies, Booze Day wonders, and an Art Gallery 24 hour residency group show thingy (in a couple weeks)...just hints for now.

Quick overview of our Shrinking Violet Society Birthday Bash we threw last Saturday....300+ people, 6 cases of donated champagne (not to mention beer, sparkling-cider, and bottled rootbeer) along with Santé cupcakes, and over $1,800 for our non-profit (you know, minus the expenses)! Can we say successful first public event? Here are a few favorite photos...Three lucky people even won some little original paintings of mine!Have a lovely day...♥ xoxo


Sarah said...

What an awesome looking bash! The cupcakes, the giant paper flowers, the hula-hooping! Beautiful!

<3 Sarah

JANE said...

beautiful T! you are always more than welcome to pop in and photograph that funky space you know. you sure do it some justice.. tres pretty through your lens.