July 16, 2009

Dara's work is changing...and so is her name.

This piece (titled: Atomization of Matter - from the 2008 Morphology series) hangs above Dara's workspace in her studio. It's one you must view in person to do it justice. I stood (mildly intoxicated) staring at it in awe, as Dara told me she has been holding back. This surprised me. You may not see it in her work...but she has. Her newer more abstract works have only begun their transformation. She is done with others sharing her name. According to the new (still testing, so this may change) Dara Allyson Mahlkeck (formerly known as Dara Allison Harvey ...maiden name of Malkuch) she is ready to let go and see what happens.

I am excited to see this more aggressive side in the future as her new style unfolds. I am very fortunate to have Dara, a completely amazingly inspirational and brilliant artist, as a friend.

Dara updates her website as new works become available. Also, she has a great show up at the Tin Man until the end of the month for all you Spokanites who want to check out her work in person. (As you should)

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darallison said...

You're a very sweet and thoughtful person, and I am very glad to call you a friend as well. I am also very impressed with your work and how much it has improved in the short time I've known you. I like the way you think and paint your ideas, you're much better than I am. I seriously think you should submit your work to "Lunar Boy", Roq La Rue" and "La Luz de Jezus" if you haven't already done so. They'd be super stupid humans if they didn't take you under their wing. And I'm in LOVE with your profile painting with the wale and ship hat girl. Makes me think of The Decemeberists. :) :) :) Thanks for being so cool. I'm so coming to your show tomorrow.