July 23, 2009

the info motherload...

Oooh, I have been so busy and not doing my blog...so prepare your self for this one! (I have a lot to cover)

My friend Joe has taken to drawing random things he finds in the woods. You wouldn't know it by meeting him...say at an art opening...but Joe teaches survival for living. He has a talent with sketchbooks, moleskin's to be exact, also ceramics...and he has a thing for Japanese style portraits. Interesting guy all around.

From his sketchbook blog Yard Ape, I discovered The art house co-op. (he has an amazing portfolio on there)

Art House creates massive, nationwide art projects that tie hundreds of artists together – and anyone can participate. I am currently working on the 'A Million Little Pictures: Documentary', and the 'Sketchbook project'.

I got my camera the other day...I have only taken one of my 24 photos. It was of Beth from Pedals 2 People standing in bicycle tires up to her waste, holding a wheel (I guess you will just have to see it to understand). I will post the entire (24 photo) submission when I finally finish it...I am so nervous. It is hard to imagine taking 24 perfect photos with no mess ups on a disposable camera!

Tonight is the FBC's Knog ride. There will be over a hundred people meeting at the Swamp to drink some beers, win Knog goodies, and then take a bicycle ride to an undisclosed location. Knog will be taking a photo of us (real people on real bikes) for their new promotional book. What a great excuse to use up another of my photos.

I can't even wait to see the Spoke Card for tonight. Jeff has always done such a great job on them. For every FBC ride there is a new spoke card. Jon Snyder head of Out There Monthly (running for Spokane City Council) most likely will be there giving out his spoke cards (that I illustrated)...and tonight, and only tonight - I will have my very own, limited addition (of 24) spoke cards!

Here is a sneak preview!...thank you Jacinda for laminating them while I am at work! ♥
p.s. please do not use the images....24 ONLY!


Becky said...

I feel so privileged to 1. Have my photo taken by you for Million Little Pictures and 2. That I got a Limited Edition Spoke Card! Thanks! I had a flippin' fantastic time with you and Jacinda last night!

joseph's art and stuff said...

hey there! i did a spoke card too!