July 15, 2009

Today I am the Heavy Man

Scott Kolbo: Fellow Spokane Artist and Whitworth Professor

One of Scott's three consistent characters is the Heavy Man. Sometimes the weight of everything seems to bear down on you all at once. When someone asked me how I was...I said "Today, I am the Heavy Man." (in my head of course...in real life I said I was good.)

"My ultimate goal is to lead the viewer to recognize the fundamental foolishness of human nature and to make visible the discrepancies that exist between what we pretend to be and what we really are." (the last line of Scott's artist statement) I have been a fan of Scott's work ever since way back when I first met him...hanging his show at the Chase Gallery.

Check out Scott Kolbo's website to see more of his work...and to meet Jeremiah and Inga.

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