July 09, 2009

Fellow Yellow Lover

Today I have decided that the Ugly Yellow will do a "feature" Fellow Yellow Lover. This may be the first of many...or the first and last. I have a hard time following through with commitments (so that is the way it will have to be).

Artist Ashley Goldberg of Portland, OR. (illustrations from her Etsy Shop)

I found Ashley though Etsy. She is a very successful seller there and probably most Etsians have seen her work. She creates amazingly simple yet intimate portraits. I am in love with her world of color. (I believe that an artists pallet is their world of color, and even if you cheat and consciously try to escape your world, it being stored inside your brain, sticks with you...this is not to say that it cannot evolve and or be expanded). I feel a connection to her work. My partner and I have been looking for an artist to create a portrait of us. Until today, we have not been able to agree on who it will be. Check out Ashley's custom portraits on her flicker site. They are to die for....maybe one day I will have my very own rosy cheeks peeking out from this page via the mind of this extremely talented artist...a fellow yellow lover.

Check out Ashly's shop, blog, and website...and don't forget those custom portraits!

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