July 07, 2009

See the cute black fox dance in the stream.

I got a fancy new computer at work the other day and decided it was time for a serious wallpaper change! I can't even focus from the moment I decide that I hate my desktop image to the moment it has been replaced. I could just make one, but that would take time I never have that second. I had begun my search and to my pleasant surprise the clouds parted and appeared an image. Or rather, a web page...full of amazing backgrounds.

Enter Bobby and his art and design blog 'Kitsune Noir' (Black Fox, - Japanese and French) He started a "The Desktop Wallpaper Project". This is my new favorite resource for personal workday joy. New wallpapers once a week by amazing artists, and this month he has teamed up with a design collective called "Just Us" releasing a new design every day for the entire month...and they are fantastic so far!

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