July 29, 2009

Good'ol Radio

Have a listen to your radio machines tomorrow at 3pm (PST). I am going to be a guest on Bernadette Veilbig's new art show for KYRS Thin Air Community Radio (called Readymade Radio). We will be talking about lovely local art happenings, and how to get started as a new artist in Spokane. You can listen online, or the old fashioned way at 92.3 FM.

Also...a bit of a jump, but you could connect the dots if you so choose.

I really love Craigslist for all of the randomness that resides there. So, if you happen to be a collector of vintage radios in the general Spokane area...and are in need of one (or more) said vintage radios, please call Gerry at (509) 995-4118.

Here is the original post. If this link is bad I apologize...Gerry must have run out of Radios to sell.

I think that people who collect things are most interesting...quite a bit more so than those who do not. Just saying. Have a splendid today!

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joseph's art and stuff said...

damn, i missed it, will they be re-airing it?