March 09, 2010

And on the fifth day...

Tonight was Conrad Bagley at the Kolva Sullivan Gallery. We were treated to a dinner party with homemade East Indian food. My particular favorite was the Lamb Curry. I brought Conrad a coconut which Killer Jillian Foster (of Black Rabbit Magic) took care of. A chop stick, wine opener and then later the cement floor proved handy.I snuck out early but not before seeing the start of Conrad's tapestry. There was wonderful food and company! This show is reminding me how great it is to live in this lovely city. The Habein family tomorrow (not said how you would think) with their daughter Grace...a budding young artist. This followed by a good friend and creator of the very popular Spovangelist blog, Mariah McKay. We've been promised worm bins!

Stay tuned! xoxo


Sara said...

And if anyone is wondering how Habein is pronounced, it's "Ha-bine." Rhymes with Einstein. Delightfully strange and German. ;)

Tiffany said...

Thanks Sara! (didn't want to get the 'sounds like' wrong)

Sara and Tyson Habein also have an online magazine you can find a link to over on the right, called SPOKE(a)N(e) Magazine.