March 15, 2010

Day 10....boy she's pretty!

Karla Dagovitz blew me away today! Such a pretty lady dripping down down I found, as I entered the gallery this afternoon. There had been a change in the schedule and Karla got the 14th through the 15th (when one of the artist had to cancel). Megan Martins had the 13th creating a family tree with a forest of red stings hanging down. I love that Karla took those lines and repeated them with her lovely 'Sierra' lady dripping into a dead crow on the ground.

I've been running into Gallery owner Jim Kolva almost every time I stop in. I think we might be on the same schedule. He is delighted with how the show is going! I even got a shot of him snapping some photos of Karla and her works.I helped Dara Harvey bring some stuff in (including her fence). She even brought down her sewing machine...can't wait to see it tomorrow. We are holding our monthly RiverSpeak meeting in the space. How fun is that?!?


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