March 11, 2010


♥ Thank you Kelly (of Unconventional Ida) for your lovely post about my work!I know you have all seen her artwork on Etsy, but did you know she is just a hop and a skip away. Kelly lives over in Missoula MT. One day I intend to get over there and see her work in person...if it doesn't end up on my wall first!

Sometimes you think you should write a stranger on the internet to tell them they are lovely, but....? I say yes! Talk to strangers.


k*smith said...

You're so sweet. *^_^* Thanks!

joseph's art and stuff said...

I'm so glad you posted this, I've seen Kelly's work and find it wonderful! Also it provided me a link to your portfolio. I wrote down the name of a couple of the paintings. Next time we bump into each other (the 18th) I'll have to talk to you about them.